Picking the right rehab can be daunting. With so many choices ranging from selecting the right types of treatment all the way to avoiding rehabs engaging in unethical practices (see Google’s Crack Down on Rehabs), we know it can be difficult. Ultimately, you should choose a rehab that best matches your needs, your addiction and your well being. Like a partner, this relationship is long-term and will facilitate in, not only your rehabilitation, but your life long recovery . My goal with writing “11 Things You Need To Know About Picking The Right Rehab”,  is to help ease your fears, break it down into the most common questions, and empower you to make the right choice.

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1. Cost – What’s Your Price?

Cost is by far the most common concern when choosing a treatment center. Will your insurance cover it? Is it in-network or out-of-network? Are you willing, or would you prefer, to pay out-of-pocket? Every treatment center will be able to walk you through your options if you call. KLEAN accepts most PPO insurance, and has other options available if cost is an issue. Give us a call and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

2. Location – The Pros and Cons.

Some of us need to get as far away as possible from where we drank and used. The temptation to go back to our old using buddies and behaviors is too great. Others of us go to treatment near home; I lived only 5 miles from KLEAN at the time I was a client. Los Angeles is an especially great city to be sober, boasting over 3,000 recovery meetings a week. I was able to create a foundation of support at KLEAN – including, staff, fellow clients, and alumni – that I have continued to develop throughout my recovery. In my case, attending treatment close to home was a huge benefit. If you decide to leave home for treatment, I suggest you stay in that location as long as you can, and lean on your support system from treatment after you leave. Many people rush home to get back to their old lives, and it often leads to old behaviors. Remember: responsibilities at home can wait, your recovery can’t.

3. Are You Open to 12 Step or Other Programs of Recovery?

Surrounding myself with clean and sober people is a key part of my sobriety. Once I left the safe and comfortable environment at KLEAN , I needed something to sustain and strengthen my recovery. Some treatment centers have mandatory 12 Step meetings, while others have optional ones.  KLEAN offers optional 12 Step meetings every day, as well as other programs of recovery. I highly recommend not doing this alone – and checking out any and all recovery programs available.

4. Do You Have a Mental Health Disorder?

If the answer is “yes,” consider a dual diagnosis treatment center, which treats both mental health issues and addiction. At KLEAN you will meet regularly with our psychiatrist and your therapist, as well as attend therapy groups targeted to help you cope with addiction and mental health. In my experience, I had to take care of both my mental health and my addiction to stay balanced and sober – I can’t treat one and not the other.

5. Do You Have a Pet? – Is Your Pet Your Child?

One of the biggest deciding factors for me was being able to bring my pet with me to treatment. I was faced with expensive boarding bills, inconveniencing my friends and family, or giving her away. KLEAN is a pet friendly facility, so my dog Ziggy was able to stay with me the entire time. Having her around, as well as the other client and staff dogs, was incredibly therapeutic – and made the experience so much more fun.

6. Connecting with Alumni During and After Treatment

We develop close bonds with our peers in treatment; we get to know each other very quickly and have an experience together that can never be replicated. It is important to foster these relationships after we leave, which is why KLEAN has a robust alumni program. We facilitate everything from alumni recovery meetings, dinners and activities to job placement opportunities. Staying close with my fellow KLEAN alumni has been a crucial part of my recovery. Plus we have a lot of fun together, which makes sobriety so worth it.

7. Job Opportunities

Finding a job right out of treatment can be a frustrating experience. Many of us have no professional connections, especially when we’re in a new, unfamiliar city. Working Recovery, a non-profit sponsored by KLEAN, can help. We will be offering trainings, like barista training, coffee truck management opportunities, and job options elsewhere. I’m a former client of KLEAN and a current staff member, so who knows – maybe you’ll work for us someday, too!

8. Outpatient Program

Continuing care after inpatient treatment is one of the many things that improves your chances of staying sober much higher. Intensive Outpatient (IOP) includes group and one-on-one therapy similar to inpatient, but you won’t be living there, and they take up much less time in your day. At KLEAN, groups are Monday through Friday mornings, until you move to Outpatient (OP), which will allow more time in your schedule for job hunting and other activities.

9. Transitional Housing

I can’t stress this enough: staying connected to sober people is incredibly important. KLEAN offers dog-friendly transitional housing options to foster the support you need to stay sober. You’ll live in a house with other sober people who are there to help you in your new sober life. You’re not confined to the house like you are in treatment; you get to live your life, hang out with friends, work a job, and then come home to a sober environment each day.

10. Are You LGBTQ?

Situated in the heart of West Hollywood, one of the most gay-friendly cities in the United States, KLEAN is supportive of and sensitive to the LGBTQ community. We’ve even had a large contingent of KLEAN alumni march at LA Pride. While in treatment you’ll have access to specialized therapy groups geared toward LGBTQ in recovery, as well as gay 12 Step meetings. Everyone is welcome at KLEAN, and we strive to meet your individual needs, whatever they may be.

11. Do You Hate Feeling Trapped in Treatment?

Some treatment centers confine you to the facility for the duration of your stay. KLEAN offers opportunities to go offsite and explore the community while having a safe, sober space to come back to. Not only do we offer offsite meetings twice a day, the gym, as well as sober fun outings, we give you chances to leave solo.** If deemed appropriate by the medical and clinical staff, you will be able to go out on “pass” with an approved person – or even by yourself – to get some fresh air and ease your way back in to life.

At the end of the day, whatever you can spend, whatever amenities you want, going to treatment is about getting sober and staying sober, through a process of self-discovery, contrary action, and a lot of hard work. KLEAN is available to help you through the early days – and beyond – of your recovery. If any of the options above sound appealing to you, give us a call! But whichever treatment center you choose, I wish you an incredible sober life.

Thank you for reading “11 Things You Need to Know About Picking The Right Rehab.” We know that addiction is hard, but getting treatment doesn’t have to be. If you find you need help for drugs or alcohol abuse, you can call KLEAN at 855-774-7839 or text 310-401-0808 to speak with a KLEAN Treatment Advisor.

KLEAN Treatment Centers Contributing Writer – Jenna

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