These are 11 Things You Need To Know About The Barriers To Recovery. Recovery, by its very nature, involves a sea-change in the life of the addict or alcoholic. As with any major change, there is likely to be a certain level of resistance. There are also practical barriers, which may or may not be as huge as our perception tells us. Here at KLEAN, we want you to live your best life, so please try to identify and overcome every barrier to recover, including these 11 obstacles:

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1. What about cost?

When it comes time to enter a treatment facility, many will balk and try the old “I don’t have insurance or the money” argument. While recovery is not cheap, or free, it’s also not entirely out of reach. KLEAN will work with you and your insurance company to verify your benefits and maximize your treatment options. If you are in California or Oregon, the state insurance programs can be very helpful. Also, since the ACA forbids insurers from refusing coverage to those with pre-existing conditions, it may be possible to find standard insurance. Further, there are often payment plans or scholarships available to specific treatment facilities. Your life is worth more than any dollar figure, so don’t allow finances to prevent you from living it. Call KLEAN today and discover our payment options.

2. Location, Location, Location.

Sometimes treatment isn’t on the next block or even in your city. However, this perceived barrier can turn into a benefit. That is, when an addict or alcoholic gets out of her normal surroundings, she’s able to better focus on the immediate needs of recovery. In treatment, there’s often talk of “playmates and playgrounds.” Get away from the old games and start living a new life. Whether you desire to be far or close, KLEAN has recovery centers (California, Oregon and Washington), near you, or easily accessible by plane, train, or automobile.

3. I Can’t leave my loved ones.

Yup, children are very important and they must be taken care of while you get sober. However, there are friends and family members who can fill in the gaps while you straighten out the ravages of the past. Once you’ve successfully completed treatment and are living sober, your parenting will have so much more meaning, and your kids are sure to notice. Your kids deserve a healthy, sober parent. Give them at least that much.

4. I don’t like restrictive rules.

The rules are too much for you? How has living without them worked out? It’s true that inpatient recovery includes sacrificing certain ordinary freedoms such as cellphones, Internet, and visitors. However, these rules are designed to help you focus on yourself and what you need. You have your entire life to text with your friend about last night’s, Game of Thrones, episode.

5. I can’t take time off.

You’re concerned that you won’t be able to take time off from work. You won’t be able to pay rent and you’ll end up in a worse situation than you already are in. However, with the treatment options KLEAN offers, you should be able to stay at work and turn your life around, too. Talk to your boss, most employers are happy to work with employees who need to work on their health.

6. I’m scared of detox.

Yup, we know. You have committed the Physician’s Desk Reference to memory and you want different meds to get through detox. However, as long as those medications do not pose a threat to your health or safety, they will probably help you get through this vital first step in sobriety. KLEAN has doctors, psychiatrists and addictionologists that work directly with the clients during detox.

7. I want my freedom.

You’re an American, darnit, and you want your freedom while in rehab. You don’t need curfews or other restrictions. Ok, GI Joe, but remember that unlimited freedom got you into rehab in the first place. Maybe it’s time to sacrifice a bit of freedom. Learning how to work within structure is often uncomfortable for addicts and alcoholics. However, you might find that within those perceived boundaries there is a newfound freedom. Give it a shot. Your life is calling.

8. Can I have visitors?

We all love having visitors, but those school marms in rehab won’t let you have them. What gives? Consider that maybe it’s time to sit and reflect on your life and the sorts of relationships you’ve had. Rather than insisting on having visitors, rethink the sorts of visitors you might wish to have. You’ll have lots of time to talk with them once you are sober. KLEAN‘s visitor policies will help you achieve your ultimate goal: long-term sobriety.

9. It takes too long.

Really? Recovery is going to take too much time? Consider how much time it takes to arrange a funeral for another overdose victim or drunk driving casualty. How long does it take to overcome a resume full of short-term gigs or to fill out a rental application that doesn’t have enough room for last year’s total living situations? Time is relative, recovery time doubly so. Every minute you spend in detox and recovery will pay off in terms of a longer, healthier, and happier life. KLEAN will help you take the time it takes to build your very best life.

10. 12 Step groups stink.

You’ve read all the negative articles about 12 step groups and you know that you won’t like it. Or, you’ve been to a 12 step group and were turned off by the bad coffee and that guy with five teeth who told you to keep coming back. Maybe it’s time to give them another chance. After all, there’s a reason why so many swear by the results they’ve received from working the steps. Focus on that, working the steps. Forget the bad coffee, weird people, and harsh lighting. Work the steps and maybe you’ll figure out how a man with five teeth can laugh so hard.

11. Treatment doesn’t work for me.

You are a special person. You’re the type of person that years of psychological research couldn’t figure out. You’re too far gone. Your bottom is so dark and low that not even the most powerful flashlight can illuminate its blackness. However, have you sat and listened to the stories others have to share? Treatment has turned around the most hardcore addicts and alcoholics you’ll ever meet. They’re all around you. They are you. Talk to them and ask them how they got sober, ask them about their past. It’ll work for you. It really will. KLEAN will help.

Thank you for reading “11 Things You Need to Know About The Barriers To Recovery.” We know that addiction is hard, but getting treatment doesn’t have to be. If you find you need help for drugs or alcohol abuse, you can call KLEAN at 855-774-7839 or text 310-401-0808 to speak with a KLEAN Treatment Advisor.

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