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Looking into treatment for your drug and alcohol addiction is a big step, and it is best to arm yourself with the facts of your illness as you make this transition. No matter what your drug of choice, addiction can happen from any drug. Alcohol still remains the most addictive drug out there, and more illicit drugs like heroin and cocaine are growing in popularity, in spite of all we know about addiction and their dangerous qualities.

Check out our drug info section to get the latest information on different types of drugs, from the more recent additions like Spice to drugs that have been around a long time like cocaine and crystal meth. You will learn the history, addictive qualities and what you can do to get off these drugs if they are creating problems in your life.

In the Types of Addiction section, we cover various types of addiction. While the drugs and/or alcohol you are addicted to may be different, the way addiction works is largely the same. We explain the different components of marijuana addiction, prescription drug addiction and more.

Our Information section has general information related to addiction such as facts about the different types of rehab out there, whether your addiction is to a prescription drug or to something illegal. You can get the facts and other important addiction-related information in this section.

Drug Info

Heroin Facts

Cocaine Facts

Crystal Meth Facts

Meth Detox

Spice Drug

Types of Addiction

Sex Addiction

Alcohol Addiction

Bath Salts Abuse 

Percocet Addiction

Prescription Drug Abuse Guide

Opioid Addiction

Meth Addiction

Oxycodone Addiction


Alcohol Abuse

Xanax Addiction

Marijuana Addiction Facts

Ritalin Rehab

Ambien Rehab

What Is Chemical Dependency?

Ecstasy Facts

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