Am I An Alcoholic?

Generally if people are starting to question if they have a drinking problem, they are heading toward a pattern of drinking that is in fact alcoholic. Alcoholism is basically defined by dependence (mental and/or physical) and loss of control. Alcohol problems occur at different levels of severity, they can be mild and inconvenient parts of your life, or they can become life-threatening. Although alcohol dependence (alcoholism) is the most severe problem, less severe drinking problems can also be dangerous. The term “alcoholism” refers to a disease known as alcohol dependence syndrome, the most severe stage of a range of drinking problems.

“There are a lot of definitions of being an alcoholic, and certain criteria, often it’s self defined by consequences. “ – Andrew Spanswick, CEO, KLEAN Treatment Centers

“I have a really clear cut way of determining if you are an alcoholic. If you want to stop, say to yourself,” I’m going to stop for one year”, and if you can adhere to that, then you aren’t an alcoholic,”
– Bob Forrest

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KLEAN Treatment Counselors are trained and experienced in dealing with even the most serious cases of alcoholism.  It is important that you seeek help to deal with alcoholism because in extreme cases withdrawls can lead to death.

Don’t wait until it’s to late call one of our intake counselors who are trained to help:

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