Are You a High Functioning Alcoholic?

Are You a High Functioning Alcoholic? Many people feel alcoholism means a homeless man or woman, drinking alcohol from a brown paper bag, usually under a bridge. But, having alcoholism doesn’t [...]

What To Do If You Relapse

What To Do If You Relapse If you do relapse, it can be a very emotional and painful time for you. You may feel ashamed, or embarrassed, or even angry. You may feel like giving up completely and [...]

Reasons Why People Drink Alcohol

If you are a friend or a family member of someone who is an alcoholic or whom you suspect may have a drinking problem, it may be hard for you to understand why someone would drink in the first [...]

Signs of Alcoholism in the Workplace

Alcohol is one of the most disruptive drugs in our society. It causes more deaths, illness, and violence than nearly any illicit substance. In the workplace it lowers worker performance and is a [...]

Traveling in Sobriety

For many of us, traveling in our addiction involved going to the dealer’s house and back home again. The thought of airline travel or ‘seeing the sights’ was either terrifying, out of our budget [...]

Brain Size and Addiction

There are many factors that can help predict drug addiction. Abuse, isolation, and a family history are a few key elements that contribute to substance abuse. Now, it has been found that abuse [...]

Alcohol Use Linked to Cancer

Alcohol is the most commonly used and accepted recreational drug in our society. Its use is included in every major celebration, and most minor celebrations. In many circumstances, it is expected [...]

Love is No Match for Addiction

Addiction is a lonely disease. Many say that the disease seeks to isolate its victim from those who love him, and then ultimately kills him. As the addict passes through the various phases of the [...]