The LGBTQ Community and Addiction

LGBTQ Community and Addiction Every community in America has its own aspects that impact substance abuse. Some subcultures encourage drinking, for instance, while others are focused on other [...]

What To Do If You Relapse

What To Do If You Relapse If you do relapse, it can be a very emotional and painful time for you. You may feel ashamed, or embarrassed, or even angry. You may feel like giving up completely and [...]

5 Ways to Help an Addicted Friend

Our friends are a huge part of our lives. They provide support and companionship during good times and bad. What happens, though, when a friend becomes addicted to drugs? You invariably want to [...]

Meth: Facts, Effects and Health Risks

Methamphetamine, commonly known as Crystal Meth, Meth, Ice, Crystal, Glass, Chalk, and Tina, is one of the most dangerous drugs in society today. It enslaves its users in a short period of time [...]

Painkiller Addiction and Relapse

Prescription painkiller abuse is now considered an epidemic. It now takes more lives due to overdose than heroin, and it quite possibly took prominent cultural icon, Prince – it is suspected that [...]

Sleep Issues and Addiction

Sleep can play a huge role in the life of an addict. Since sleep is such a huge part of our lives, it is inevitable that drug use would impact it. Some use drugs in order to get to sleep and [...]

Traveling in Sobriety

For many of us, traveling in our addiction involved going to the dealer’s house and back home again. The thought of airline travel or ‘seeing the sights’ was either terrifying, out of our budget [...]

The Six Best Things About Sobriety

Sobriety is great. It really is. Before achieving sobriety, many fear that they will lose their creativity, or that life will cease to be interesting or fun. In fact, these things are not true at [...]