LGBTQ-Friendly Drug Rehab

LGBTQ-Friendly Drug Rehab At KLEAN Treatment Centers we work with the issues specific to the LGBTQ community.  We offer support for both the physical and mental issues specific to this group.  In [...]

How to Make Amends for Past Mistakes

Mistakes. We all make mistakes at certain times and some of those cause great harm to others. Sometimes we know we’re causing harm in the moment, but other times we figure things out later. [...]

Mixing Energy Drinks and Alcohol

Since energy drinks caught on at the turn of the century, they have found a welcome home in bars nationwide. These drinks combine copious amounts of sugar, caffeine, and/or other stimulants. [...]

The 7 Best Books on Addiction

When overcoming addiction, it is vital to see that others have gone through the same, or similar, things. This is part of why 12-step meetings and group therapies are so often prescribed for [...]

WeHo Health Fair

We had a great time at this wonderful community event at the WeHo Health Fair and Sample Saturday this past weekend. We had the team from KLEAN Treatment Centers and the team from KLEAN Radio out [...]

Stopping the Blame Game in Addiction

Addicts often find that they are coming up short on a number of things. They have shortfalls at work, their relationships unravel, and their finances are a balancing act, at best. With so much [...]

Binge Drinking and Our Immune Systems

Excessive drinking is not a healthy practice. It causes impaired judgment, poor physical coordination, disorientation, and any number of other obvious problems. Binge drinking also leads to an [...]

Fitting in at 12-Step Meetings

Everyone wants to fit in at social events. This seems to be a fundamental challenge for human beings everywhere. We all are seeking a way to fit in with one another. 12-step meetings are [...]