Family Therapy – It Takes a Village

Family counseling is an essential component of the treatment process. Family involvement has been shown to not only have a positive effect on the participant’s well-being, but also leads to greater emotional intimacy within the family. KLEAN’s family program helps members understand addiction and dependency issues and how to best support their loved one in recovery.

Participants in KLEAN Treatment Centers programs learn a lot about themselves and their behaviors from a young age, many of which come from their family of origin. These earlier life experiences can still impact addicts and alcoholics years later, and we educate all members of the family on how to work through these issues, and how to live together now as a new, sober family.

After the Intervention

If you are the one getting your loved one involved in a treatment program either by choice or through an intervention, you will need to continue on with the treatment process as well. You learned how to live with someone who was using drugs and alcohol, and now you have to learn to live with someone who is in recovery.

Here are some of the benefits you receive from the Family  Therapy Program at KLEAN Treatment Centers:

  • Individualized family therapy sessions on request
  • Visitation to the treatment centers
  • Advice on constructive Al-anon and Alateen meetings you can attend
  • Encouragement of your participation in alumni events to continue to support your loved one in recovery

Changing Family Dynamics

Changing years of family dynamics takes the participation of the entire family. Getting everyone to understand the language of recovery can provide a better understanding of addiction and related disorders. The program is designed to provide education for family members, helping them learn how to relate to their loved ones in supportive and productive ways.

The KLEAN Family Program is designed to bring awareness, understanding, and behavioral changes to clients, families, and significant others. Through group process, psycho-education, involvement in your loved ones’ recovery and specifically selected Al-Anon panels, you and your family will learn valuable communication techniques that can help you build a healthier family system. KLEAN offers family therapy sessions as needed. Our goal is to provide the education you need to help put your family back together.

Our Family Program is open to family members and loved ones of current participants, as well as alumni. 

Family Education Program Facilitators

About the Family Facilitators: Our Family Therapists are experts at implementing solution-focused therapy into family work, their goal is to help you get to your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating. By applying complementary therapy approaches and techniques, you will learn to unearth long-standing family behavior patterns or negative perceptions that may be holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life. We also encourage you to seek outside assistance in successful programs like Al-Anon Family Groups in your local area.

Family Therapy

Family therapy takes place on an individual basis. Our therapists and treatment team collaborate with each client to create goals for family and relationship work. Based on these goals, the therapist works with family members to solicit their involvement and participation.

Therapy sessions may take place in-person or by phone to explore family dynamics, determine potential goals related to family functioning, and promote family healing. These sessions are set up by the primary therapist according the needs of the individual participant and their specific treatment goal.

Families who participate together in the recovery process set the stage for a greater chance at long-term recovery for the client. There is a long period of reconstruction ahead, but together, you can achieve anything.

Family Therapy

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