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Long Beach, Washington Drug & Alcohol Inpatient Rehab

KLEAN Treatment Centers‘ Long Beach, WA Drug & Alcohol Inpatient Rehab facility provides assessment, individual chemical dependency counseling, group-education and process, recreation, spiritual, life skills, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and more. Our sub-acute detoxification facility is available in Long Beach at the residential treatment center, and services are overseen by a treatment expert.

The core of our program is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), the evidence-based treatment of choice for addiction. Addiction is a disease of the brain. Current neuroscientific advances into the origins and maintenance of addiction support CBT and a holistic approach to brain and body healing. Simply put, CBT is about gaining insight into and changing belief systems, dysfunctional thinking patterns, chaotic or numbed feelings and addictive behavior.

Programs for Success

KLEAN Long Beach is CARF Certified

Facility Features

Our Long Beach facility has everything you need to ensure a peaceful and comfortable path to sobriety. Facility features include:

  • Full service kitchen
  • Gym with treadmill and weights
  • Meal planning with locally sourced food
  • Peaceful beachfront location
  • Thriving recovery community

Community Accountability Meeting

This meeting is a therapeutic, clinically facilitated accountability meeting. It creates opportunities for clients to gains skills in becoming accountable to self and others, practice boundaried and authentic communication, recognize feelings, take healthy risks, practice honesty and vulnerability and learn to respect others realities.

Therapeutic accountability meetings increase community accountability and interpersonal peer support, and decrease secrets, gossip and passive/aggressive behaviors. Clients learn to become accountable for dysfunctional behaviors, actively listen (without responding) to the impact of their behavior on others, as well as hear clinical impressions and perceptions. These are real-world skills that have a direct impact on developing the interpersonal skills necessary for successful recovery.

Example Programs

Addiction Core Lab

Learning what addiction is, what substances do to the brain and body, addiction interaction, multiple addictions and impacts, the addictive system, potentiation, neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to heal in sobriety) and a broad range of specific education on alcohol and drugs.

Relapse Prevention

Learning and practicing coping skills, relapse scenarios and sobriety challenges, managing and changing expectations, recovery and relapse prevention planning, elements and essentials of successful recovery, challenging impaired thinking, learning how to feel and manage feelings, identifying and increasing self-care and structure, practicing accountability, developing goals and managing impulsivity, cravings, urges and post-acute withdrawal.

Family and Relationships

Examining global beliefs and everyday interactions and behaviors in relationships, the impact of trauma, understanding physical, emotional and sexual abuse, identifying codependency and creation of boundaries, gaining insight into family styles, understanding how addiction impacts relationships, empathy building, creating community, becoming accountable and honest to self and others, finding out what the meaning of life is or will be.

Native American Recovery Group

Open to anyone interested in recovery and wellness from a Native American perspective! Group is held on the last Friday of every month.

About Long Beach, WA

Long Beach is a thriving beach community that prides itself on its community spirit and relaxing atmosphere. Boasting the World’s Longest Beach, they have the longest beach you can drive on in the world. There is a lot to do in Long Beach, whether you like cuisine or outdoor living. There are lighthouses, parks and trails for the outdoorsy types, and you can take a run or walk on the beach. For those who like shopping and dining, there is a boardwalk with cute cafes and delicious restaurants.

There are also a lot of activities for families in Long Beach. If you want to fly a kite, this town is known for its beach winds, and kites fly high. You can enjoy a moped ride, try your luck at some bumper cars or play pinball in an arcade.

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Long Beach, Washington Drug & Alcohol Inpatient Rehab
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