At KLEAN, we take great pride in working closely with the communities we are involved in. As much as addiction is a family disease, it is also a disease of the whole community. Communities suffer from lack of resources, criminal behavior, and many other ways that addicts affect those around them. By working with the communities in which we live, we can create healthy, happy, contributing citizens who are recovering from their addictions and giving back.

Our Long Beach facility, in coastal Washington State, works hard to be a part of the community there, and now they have been recognized for their efforts. The WellSpring Community Network, a local community organization known for their efforts against drug addiction, awarded KLEAN with their November Asset Builder award, to recognize us for our work in the community, providing food and support to WellSpring Town Halls, the Ocean Beach Education Foundation, Black Lake Fishing Derby and more. We were also recognized for our work with pro-social activities for community youth through our sponsorship of t-ball teams, Parks and Rec and the Chinook Easter Egg Hunt, to name a few.

Last month, Johanna Gustafson, our Alumni and Marketing coordinator, was able to accept this award on behalf of KLEAN at the November Coalition meeting. We are proud of the culture of service exhibited by our Long Beach staff, and our treatment plans that involve our clients learning to give back to their communities. We are especially proud that people outside of our organization notice their work – a testament to a job well done. Thank you to Johanna for representing us at the meeting and receiving the award from another one of our own, Vinessa.

About WellSpring:

WellSpring Community Network is a grassroots organization in South Pacific County made up of individuals and organizations who are dedicated to promoting community physical, emotional, menthal and spiritual wellness. They have an emphasis on drug-free youth, parenting, and mental health.

They are always looking for volunteers to help strengthen their community. To get involved or fill out a membership application, you can email: They hold a monthly coalition meeting the second Tuesday of each month at 3:00 pm in the South Pacific County building, located at 7013 Sandridge Road, Long Beach, WA, in Conference Room A. The public is welcome to attend, and you can learn from WellSpring and share your events at the same time.




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