Oxycontin is a very strong opioid pain reliever. When doctors believe that you are in moderate to severe pain they will prescribe Oxycontin. It is an opiate based drug and it is very addictive. On the streets, it is known as “Hillbilly Heroin”,because the effects of  are similar to those of heroin. Oxycontin comes in a pill form and is time released but those who begin to misuse it learn quickly how to bypass the time release and get immediate effects. Users tend to chew the tablets, grind them up and snort them, or even to dissolve them and inject them. The pills are available in 10, 20, 30, 40 and 80 milligram doses. You will usually see the imprint on the tablets that will have an OC on one side and the milligram on the other. 

How Oxycontin Works

It does not take long for the user to develop a tolerance to Oxycontin. The drug attacks the central nervous system and the brain. Once there, it binds to the receptors. These are the receptors that provide pleasure. The brain then wants more and more of the drug. This is how the addiction manifests itself. There is also an issue with those who choose to use the drug without a prescription and do not even have pain.  Long term opioid use wreaks havoc on the human body both psychologically and physically. It can cause anxiety and even violent behavior because it damages the brain. 

The Effects

Addiction to Oxycontin is inevitable when the drug is used frequently. This is actually a growing epidemic and once a person is hooked they will do whatever it takes to obtain the drug. It is typical for a user to display mood swings that can be as severe as upbeat and happy one minute to withdrawn the next and then followed by hostility. They usually have personality changes and are very defensive. They can also be overly emotional and withdrawn from those closest to them. It is also common for them to be jittery and anxious. 

Being Addicted

The full addiction spirals out of control like a tornado. It will clear out whatever gets in its way with no remorse whatsoever. Treatment for Oxycontin addiction consists of detox first followed by residential treatment. At KLEAN Treatment Center the facilities are available to battle even the most serious cases of addiction. We have affiliated physicians that specialize in treating opioid abuse. The participant can be in detox for up to five days depending on how long they used and how much of the drug they abused on a regular basis. 

The Detox Process

The medically supervised setting is very necessary for complete recovery and to monitor the withdrawal symptoms that can be very severe with Oxycontin. Medication can be managed to make the withdrawal process more comfortable. The patient is then moved to inpatient treatment. During residential treatment participants are taught how to live a life of sobriety and how to enjoy it. This is conducted through educational resources, individual and group meetings, various therapies, and peer support. 

Oxycontin Treatment

The length of treatment depends on many things. After treatment some choose to go home, others partake in outpatient treatment for a while and some move on to sober living houses. Some participants feel that they need the structure that sober living offers.  Each case must be evaluated on an individual basis since everyone is different. One thing is certain and that is that recovery does not end with treatment. Recovery is a lifelong process that needs nurturing and consistency and this is exactly what is offered at KLEAN Treatment Center. 

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