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Located in the northwest section of Portland, our latest 4000 square foot facility will offer all levels of outpatient services. We offer many treatment options for those looking for a program that will fit into a busy schedule.

  • Evening Outpatient
  • Daytime groups and individual face to face
  • Weekend hours

We use the best practices in the industry to design and implement our outpatient programming. We combine both the latest in treatment therapy along with tried-and-true methods to help clients achieve lasting recovery from alcohol and/or drugs.

Our Portland Intensive Outpatient program is licensed by the State of Oregon

Program Features
    • Drug and Alcohol Counseling
    • Flexible scheduling
    • Make-up sessions
    • Self-Care, Self-Support and Self Compassion
    • Setting Healthy Boundaries
Program Courses

Here is a partial list of our courses offered at our Portland location:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Stress Management
  • Willingness
  • 12 Steps
  • Values and Beliefs
  • Acceptance
  • Emotions and Regulation
Program Objectives and Goals

Our primary goal in treatment is to help you abstain from all drugs and alcohol to stop the destruction of addiction. This allows for the therapy you receive to take hold, and you can begin to reconstruct those areas of your life that drugs and alcohol have impacted negatively. Our path to recovery includes therapy, random urine analysis (UA) tests and continued support both during and after treatment with lifetime aftercare.

Is Outpatient for You?

If you are a working adult with a need for treatment, but still need the ability to maintain your work and home life, then outpatient treatment may be for you. Outpatient treatment is for anyone who needs treatment but still needs to school, work or has family responsibilities while attending treatment. This option allows for you to stay in the comfort of your own home and receive help for your addiction at the same time.

Admissions Criteria

Patients must be 18 years of age and older, and must meet criteria to be admitted. Must be physically and psychologically stable to receive this level of care. Contact one of our admissions advisors and we can start the evaluation process.

Who Can We Treat?

We can treat people of all levels of alcoholism and/or addiction. We provide ongoing assessments and counseling services, so we can determine what type of treatment you need and continue getting you that treatment for as long as you need it. If you are pregnant and addicted or opiate addicted, we can also help you.

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