Rio The Drug Sniffing Dog

Rio, a friend of KLEAN for many years, passed away in 2016. Thank you for your service Rio!

Say hello to Rio!  We take safety and security very seriously at KLEAN and as such we try to take every precaution to ensure a drug free environment.  Rio is a 7 year old black Labrador who was previously employed by the Duarte Police Department and is trained to detect all kinds of narcotics.

Having Rio on board cuts down any contraband that may have been forgotten in a participants bags when they come to KLEAN.  He is also a great discouragement to anyone who is thinking about bringing in contraband to someone they may be visiting. Rio’s activity here at KLEAN has helped us maintain a safe and sober environment for our participants, families and staff.

Dogs are nothing new for KLEAN, we have always allowed clients to bring their dogs with them to treatment and find it a helpful tool in the recovery process, so the addition of Rio to the family has been an easy transition.

As a drug sniffing dog with the Duarte Police Department, Rio served honorably for years helping to keep the city safe by removing dangerous narcotics from the streets.  Unfortunately for Rio but fortunately for KLEAN Rio’s unit was dissolved and he was left looking for work.  KLEAN was able to locate Rio through an online service animal adoption website.

You will often see Rio hanging out around the facility enjoying his semi-retirement and enjoying all the attention he gets from clients.