A Variety of Treatment Options Available

At KLEAN Treatment Centers, we strive to offer a full continuum of care, starting with a professionally managed detoxification program, continuing on with the appropriate treatment program, and setting the client up for success with our highly successful aftercare program.


Most addicts and alcoholics need some sort of managed detox program in order to get the drugs and alcohol safely out of their system so they can go through treatment with a clear mind and body. Getting yourself physically off the substances you are using is an important first step, but often cannot and should not be done alone. In a supervised setting, you will go through a detox from whatever you have been taking. Your vital signs are monitored and you are taken care of in terms of pain and discomfort, so you have very little to worry about while in treatment besides getting sober.

Inpatient Treatment

We currently have two inpatient treatment facilities, one in West Hollywood, CA in a more urban setting, and the other in Long Beach, WA, a coastal Washington town that has a strong recovery community. Inpatient treatment programs can take anywhere from 30 days to 90 days, depending on the severity of your addiction, what you are treating, and if you are treating any co-occurring disorders. The programs at each center are strong in their recovery methodology, the therapists and counselors you will work with, and their care after you complete treatment.

Outpatient Treatment

KLEAN Treatment Centers offers a variety of outpatient programming for individuals who want or need to continue tending to family, work or school responsibilities while attending treatment. Using a combination of group therapy sessions combined with individual counseling, each person gets a unique program, tailor-made for their needs. Our outpatient programs are available in day or evening options, and are typically three days per week. We can build a custom program for you to fit your schedule. Our outpatient treatment programs are usually 12 weeks.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Many addicted persons use to cover up or minimize feelings from another mental illness such as depression or bipolar disorder. If you suffer from mental illness on top of your addiction, we treat whichever is more acute first, then make sure you get the treatment you need for the rest. Medication stabilization and therapy are best done in our inpatient program, and our outpatient program works well for those who are well-managed on medication and need treatment for their addiction primarily. We work closely with partners in the community and with your treatment team to make sure you are getting the treatment you need.


Once you leave inpatient treatment, it is recommended that you continue on with one of our outpatient programs. Your counseling is a bit different than those who are solely doing outpatient treatment, since you have already started your recovery while in inpatient treatment.


At KLEAN, we have an extremely successful alumni program. We have many options for our alumni, from lifetime aftercare to visiting our campus post-treatment, and fun, sober events. If you are looking for a robust alumni community that helps you transition back to your life outside of treatment, then this is it. Every Sunday, KLEAN West Hollywood hosts alumni barbecues and meetings, and we do all sorts of fun, sober activities such as bowling. You can volunteer to be of service to come back and speak at a meeting or drive inpatients to outside meetings.




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