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KLEAN provides rehab that is comfortable, affordable and achievable

A holistic approach in a caring, comfortable environment is an essential component of everyday life at KLEAN Treatment Centers. Participating in an inpatient recovery program doesn’t have to equate with missing out on the comforts of life. Our tranquil surroundings and extra amenities enable clients to fully focus on facing addiction and working toward recovery.

We have inpatient treatment facilities in California, Oregon and Washington.


During treatment, each client lives in a private or semi-private room at KLEAN Treatment Center. With no more than two to a room, there’s plenty of opportunity for quiet moments and reflection. At KLEAN, we think of every detail so you only have to think about being an active participant in your recovery. From the individualized treatment plan you get to the nutrition you receive, you are taken care of while you stay at KLEAN. Our West Hollywood location is also dog-friendly.

A Day in the Life at KLEAN Treatment Centers

Each client’s daily program during inpatient treatment is geared toward his or her individual recovery needs. Participation in group therapy facilitated by our professional and experienced leaders and prestigious clinicians engage you while you are in treatment with thought-provoking conversation.

In group and process therapy, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of why addiction occurred
  • Learn how to recover
  • Learn techniques to avoid relapse

KLEAN’s inpatient treatment program is evidence-based and built on a foundation that includes a combination of tried-and-true techniques as well as the latest medical advances, combined with a holistic approach to take care of your mind, body and spirit.

Your health is important to us

Time spent exercising, eating healthy foods, and enjoying daily meditations promotes healing and a sense of well-being. We know that a healthy lifestyle and the opportunity to develop positive health habits is vital to lifelong sobriety. KLEAN Treatment Centers’ food and nutrition staff members provide clients with a variety of meal options to meet individual preferences and health needs.

The Benefits of Inpatient Treatment

The structure and guidance provided in our residential rehab program sets you up for success in recovery and maintaining your recovery after you complete treatment.

Here are some of the unique benefits available to you if you attend the residential treatment program:

  • A structured setting complete with on and off-site activities with those in the recovery community to help you build up a network of clean and sober allies while you are in treatment.
  • A progressive and personalized program with low therapist-to-client ratios to allow for you to grow and progress while you are in residential treatment.
  • A comprehensive aftercare plan so you know exactly what your goals are, where you need to be, and how you can remain successful in your recovery.

Personalized care

Because of our low client-to-therapist ratios, we are able to provide extremely personalized care that can grow and change as you grow and change. From the first day of treatment through the last, our staff of experts in the addictions field are continually monitoring clients and assessing recovery needs. We understand that having an individualized recovery program that works for you is vital to lifelong sober living.

Learn about yourself

Clients gain insight into their addiction and grow as individuals during meetings with a Master’s-level therapist. Regular contact with physicians and other health care providers, as well as referral agents and family members, adds to the recovery process and helps clients build a strong foundation for lifelong sobriety. Once each week, clients at West Hollywood meet with the Director of Psychiatric Services to talk about progress and prepare for continued recovery.

A Healthier, Happier Life Through Treatment

Our carefully selected staff and team of top professionals in the industry work together with clients to create a caring, supportive atmosphere that is conducive to healing and recovery. You or your loved one will be treated warmly and with concern, receiving the personalized care needed to recover from drug or alcohol addiction. At KLEAN Treatment Centers, we are completely dedicated to your recovery.

Embrace a healthier, happier life today by contacting a KLEAN Treatment Centers intake counselor now. Our progressive, client-focused residential treatment program offers the hope of a better life and the tools to achieve it. We will stand with you throughout your recovery, ensuring that you never feel alone.



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