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KLEAN Kwizy – The Game That’ll Get You Hooked – A fast-paced, addictive trivia app with hundreds of questions, fun sound effects and visually stimulating gameplay. You won’t be able to put it down!

Challenge your knowledge about substance abuse, addiction, and recovery. Our quiz questions cover multiple topics, from pop culture to clinical, ensuring that everyone will know something… and learn something new!

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KLEAN Treatment Centers | Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

KLEAN Treatment Centers’ specializes in all aspects of chemical dependency addiction as well as co-occurring disorders. We offer a closely and professionally monitored detoxification, using effective and safe methods to make detoxification a relatively comfortable and painless experience. Our carefully selected staff is a true multidisciplinary team composed of supportive, caring, experienced professionals including physicians, primary therapists, substance abuse counselors, and recovery technicians. All members of our staff  genuinely care about the long term recovery of our patients.


Easy Admit

KLEAN will help you with insurance, set up travel, answer your questions and guide you through our easy process.


Personalized Treatment

KLEAN provides cutting edge addiction solutions that are personalized to your needs, your addiction and your overall well being.


Comfortable Detox

KLEAN’s detox allows you to safely get off drugs and alcohol in a safe and comfortable setting and process.


Inpatient Rehab

KLEAN provides inpatient rehab that customized to your addiction and your well being. It is comfortable, affordable and achievable.


Outpatient Rehab

KLEAN’s outpatient program is designed for the working adult, or for individuals who want to continue on with their daily activities back at home while receiving treatment.


Alumni and Aftercare

KLEAN has weekly alumni activities to therapy. We are dedicated to your sobriety from your first call, to completing treatment and beyond.

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